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Template of list container. You can insert any valid html as template.


<ul name=”MyName” id=”MyId” class=”MyClass”></ul>


<div class=”containerClass”>

    <div class=”listClass”>



    <span>Bottom text</span>


template variables

  • ${templateItem} – place on which will be items  (it must be alone in parent tag)


Template of list item. You can insert any valid html.

For example:

<li data-value="${value}" data-filter="${name}">${name}</li>

templateItem have 2 system attributes :

  • data-value – value of selected item
  • data-filter – value for comparison with user input (not use if allowFilter === false)


template variables

  • ${value} – value of option DOMElement (or value from source json)
  • ${name} – node value from option DOMElement (or name from source json)
  • ${any_var} – value html5 data-any_var attrebute from option DOMElement  ( or any_var from source json)

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