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Release 1.21 (looks like jqueryui)

rewritten from scratch

Project is frozen in stable relise. If you found bug, write to me please.


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  2. Mercurial: (use default branch)





Demo page



release 1.21

  1. fix behavior to jQuery 1.8+


  • Widget do not work ajax mode right in IE11

release 1.2

  1. change behavior to standart select
  2. add jqueryui selectmenu style ( jQueryUI style )
  3. fix scroll issue in open mode with list border
  4. fix scroll list using keyboard
  5. fix autocomplete tabindex

release 1.11

  1. fix closing element, then click to another jqcmbx-element

release 1.1

  1. fix control behavior (almost standart select behavior)
  2. fix listbox position to absolute !important - issue with max priority
  3. change style in focus mode

release 1.0

  1. rewritten from scratch
  2. don't attach event click on body
  3. use system events focus and blur 
  4. don't brake events (don't use event.preventDefault)


jQuery widget for decorate select DOMElement or create from js array

  1. keyboard (Tab,Up,Down,Enter,Esc)
  2. modification DOMElement
  3. using source as JSON
  4. events (bind, live)
  5. filter
  6. autocomplete


  1. IE8+
  2. Opera 10+
  3. Chrome 11+
  4. Firefox 3.6+

other not tested




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